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Baseball and Fastpitch Softball


The process of becoming highly skillful in any endeavor (sports, music, arts, academics) and then achieving dominance in that area through one’s own efforts is a great predictor of a rewarding life.






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Baseball and Fastpitch Softball Blog

Step by Step Coaching Guides


Read about many different baseball and fastpitch softball topics.

Enjoyed by players and coaches alike, the Building Rome Series blog is rapidly growing and becoming a great free source of information.

Hitting Fundamentals and Drills Blog

The real “art” of coaching hitters is to know when to let things be and come back to them later, when to experiment with a change, and when to insist on a change.


Baseball and Fastpitch Softball

Fastpitch Softball Blog

Everything specific to fastpitch softball: slapping, hitting rise balls, windmill pitching, short game, defense, baserunning, strategy, and more.


Fastpitch Softball

Hitting Debates Blog

The focus of debate articles is to review the benefits and drawbacks of contending hitting strategies and viewpoints. After each debate, a ruling is issued containing recommendations, proclaiming potential increases in power or productivity.


Baseball and Fastpitch Softball

Team Games Blog

Enjoy these productive and fun offensive and defensive skill-building team practice games.



Baseball and Fastpitch Softball

Swing Analytics Blog

Swing analytics are a diagnostic tool and a progress report for continual improvement.



Baseball and Fastpitch Softball

Mental Approach to Hitting Blog

It’s not all about mechanics! There is a lot of time to think; then, reactions must be automatic.


Baseball and Fastpitch Softball

Beginning Hitting Blog

Do you wonder how I should guide my beginning hitter when they start to learn to hit? What are the first steps? How do I keep them from developing bad habits?


Baseball and Fastpitch Softball

Swing Fixes Blog

As the developing hitter progresses through the construction of their “Rome,” swing fix articles offer tips and drills for making swing fixes.



Baseball and Fastpitch Softball

Strength and Conditioning Blog

The strength and conditioning articles found in this Building Rome Series are specifically designed to increase bat and ball exit speed (power) for the baseball and fastpitch softball hitter.


Baseball and Fastpitch Softball

Practice Planning Blog

A step-by-step process guides the coach in prioritizing and planning practices. The outcome is individual hitting practice plans which fit the team’s priorities. 


Baseball and Fastpitch Softball