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How would you like to build your own “Rome”?



A Rome which is powerful and dominant?



A Rome specifically designed for your unique athletic abilities?



Building Rome Series can show you how you can make your dreams of becoming


a High-Level baseball or fast pitch softball player a reality.

The author, Gary Barr, is the new authority on successful hitting in diamond sports. Gary teaches hitters and coaches step by step how to build a powerful and successful swing. Hitters learn more than just mechanics. They learn how to approach their at-bats.

This book is a reference guide to all things hitting. There are pictures and easy to follow descriptions so the strategies are clear. Gary includes in this book ways to identify flaws in a swing and provides detailed fixes for those flaws.

I highly recommend this book for anybody who is serious about hitting.

S. Asay

I bought this book for my 2 daughters and 2 sons to read as they continue to play. The writing is clear. There is no fuzzy terminology to confuse them. The step by step organization helps them set achievable goals for improving their hitting. I recommend this book for coaches, parents, and players.

T. Berning

I am getting my granddaughter started hitting a softball. It has been fun working through all the steps and she is really enjoying hitting. I particularly love all the options presented for the batting stance & stride. We are trying out the different techniques to see which works the best for her. The book clearly walks us through step-by-step to best maximize her swing. It has been a joy watching her progress and enthusiasm grow. I highly recommend this book for coaches & parents who want better hitters.

Amazon Customer

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