Baseball and Softball Topics

The Best Baseball Bats 2016-2017: BBCOR and Player Approved

The only thing better than taking a new shiny bat out of the wrapper is taking a few perfect swings and nailing some line drives into the outfield realizing you made the right decision. But slogging through all the dozens of options and listening to a sales pitch at your local sporting goods store isn’t […]

Softball Drills and Practice Plans: Infield, Outfield, and Team Drills

Drills are the bread and butter of a good softball practice. The drills you choose for practice are only limited by your imagination, though there has been some established as being more effective than others over the years. Hundreds of books have been written about softball practice plans, infield and outfield drills, hitting mechanics, and […]

Pitching and Hitting Training Programs with Weighted Baseballs

Weighted baseball training supplement training with standard balls to help hitters and pitchers develop exceptional mechanics. Every pitching and hitting coach has their own opinion about the effectiveness of weighted baseballs. The bottom line is that they are just one way out of dozens to improve pitching velocity and batting skills. Certainly, weighted baseballs are […]