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Train Hitting for Power and Productivity

The Primary Purpose of Baseball and Softball Games

Effective coaching requires planning varied formats that keep players mentally and physically engaged throughout the practice. For example, challenging and cooperative games support exciting training sessions, improve focus, and encourage player-coach and player-player rapport. While we provide vital offensive and defensive tips for most competitions, this book is not a fundamentals book. Instead, its primary purpose is to demonstrate how to use team skill-building contests under game-like pressure to get your baseball and fastpitch softball players game-ready more quickly than straight drills alone.

Focus and learning amplify when you gamify.



The Objective of Baseball and Softball Games

The baseball and fastpitch softball games are a constant competition, not only against opponents but also against oneself. As coaches, we want our players to get comfortable with both types of competition and enjoy it. The best way to be comfortable in competitive situations is to create a competitive culture in your practices.

Providing game-like structures, combining skill-building with competition is the objective of this book.



What is Included in Baseball and Softball Games

These are not simple drills found all over the internet. Instead, the 65 unique step-by-step competitions are precisely detailed. In addition, this handy coaching tool contains functional and innovative games that reinforce your technique and strategy instruction.

The rules of each competition allow players to build habits for individual skills and team communication in situations players face during every game. Each game includes the purpose, equipment needed, time required, ages the drill is suitable for, and well-thought-out rules. Chapters include competitions for throwing, infield, outfield, pitching, catching, hitting, bunting, baserunning, and offense vs. defense. Most games are suitable for all ages, youth, Middle School, High School, and College.


Baseball and Softball Games is a Coaching Lifesaver!

Written by Coach Gary Barr, author of Building the High-Level Swing Series, the hitting competitions alone are priceless for their suggestions on utilizing targeting, constraints, and learning how to hit under game-like pressure.

Skill-Building Competitions is a coaching lifesaver. Coming up with great games that work to improve vital skills and players love is time-consuming. Flip open a chapter depending on the desired type of drill, read the rules, and you are ready to incorporate the game in today’s practice plan.

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Train Hitting for Power and Productivity