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Rome was not built in day! Rather, it was laid out pillar by pillar, in a step wise progression, beginning from a solid base of stone and working up. ​



Confidence building in sports and life is the mission of Building Rome Series.


Now, using slow motion video, in conjunction with high definition video analysis tools, there is easily accessible “proof” of how the best players in baseball and fast pitch softball perform fundamental hitting skills. Through the improved ability to 1) look closer than ever before at swing mechanics and, 2) share information with others, we are witnessing dramatic changes in “how” and “what” coaches are teaching.



Teach the player “how” various hitting fundamentals work together to create a “chain of energy”. When players strive to clearly understand “how” and “why” various swing options affect this energy chain, they can become their own hitting coach.

Roman Emperor

Gary Barr

Gary Barr

Gary’s training methods are cutting edge, utilizing much of the newest research in the field of learning. He presents them in an easy to understand way that will make you revolutionize how you learn the game:


“I was hungry and driven for information. Clinics, observing local high school and college coaches, videos, websites, I always had my notebook out. I learned many useful concepts that I could apply to coaching from books explaining sports psychology, motor cognition, focus methods, and the science of speed movements.”


Coach Barr emphasizes in his books how to develop a sense of ownership in hitters:


“The young hitter who focuses on well-defined goals, who observes and corrects their movements, and who has the intense desire to understand the why and how of various fundamentals, mechanics, techniques, and hitting strategies, will progress rapidly in their hitting skills.”


Coach Barr began the Building Rome Series:


“I wanted to write training books which would walk coaches, parents, and hitters step-by-step through the process of becoming great. The goal was to help kids improve rapidly and keep playing these challenging sports of baseball and fastpitch softball. The life lessons learned participating in sports help youth go on to lead productive and rewarding lives.”


Gary Barr has been married to wife Dani for 37 years and raised three children. Both daughters went on to play college softball. Gary lives in Salem, Oregon.