The Eight-Step Strategic Plan

Accomplished hitters have a high degree of focus on planning for each game at bat. The Eight-Step Strategic Plan is constructed to contain just enough planning for a productive at bat. It does not contain all the small nuances which can arise in a typical at bat. There is only so much the hitter can plan for. The rest should be left to reacting and trusting their preparation.

The Eight-Step Strategic Plan is a template to get the hitter started planning. As experience is gained, the plan should be adjusted and modified for the type of hitter, and the goals of the specific hitter.

See Building the High-Level Swing, Chapter 14 Strategic (Plate) Approach for a complete description of all the options shown in the plan.

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Fundamental Matrix

The matrix of fundamentals can be used in conjunction with Building the High-Level Swing. It can be used for prioritization of goals for an individual or team.

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