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About The Beginning Hitting Series

Coach Barr offers the following predictor of a hitter’s future success:

“Through my 22 years of coaching kids and over 7,000 private lessons, I can positively state the greatest predictor in someone’s future success in sports is not athletic ability, but rather what and how they practice”

step by step hitting fundamentalsThe Building Rome Series path to success begins with the YouTube playlist titled “The Beginning Hitter.”

“The Beginning Hitter” contains 13 ordered videos demonstrating a step by step path for getting your young player started on a productive path, having fun, and building confidence.

These videos introduce and highlight important first concepts for constructing a high-level swing. Also, skill-building drills and games are demonstrated to help the hitter climb these first steps.



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Building Rome Series Blog: The Beginning Hitting Series

Here are the 12 videos and articles contained in The Beginning Hitting Series:

Introduction to the Beginning Hitting Video Series

Seven Steps to Successful Youth Coaching

Best Bats Ages 9 and Under

Top 5 Priorities for the Beginning Hitter

Choose a Bat in 5 Steps

Improving Vision of the Beginning Hitter

Improving Hand-Eye Coordination

Position in the Batters Box

How to Overcome Fear of Being Hit

How to Improve Plate Discipline

Check Swing to Increase Productivity

Develop an Aggressive Batting Swing


Building Rome Series Books: Building the High-Level Swing Series

step by step hitting fundamentalsSee Building the High-Level Swing for a detailed and comprehensive description of 100 hitting fundamentals and 140 step-by-step drills that efficiently construct the batting swing from the ground up.

In the Building Rome Series of books, the construction of skills are in functional order, providing a “roadmap” to becoming a great hitter.

All baseball and fastpitch softball players can “climb the Roman Coliseum steps” to become a powerful and productive hitter.

Enjoy the quest!